hello welcome to my website! :3 its still in its early and ive barely done any html coding in the past and its been a few years since my last attempt so wish me luck
its a place holder mess rn haha

Update Log

Template Credit :)

  • 3.21.2024: Replaced orignal placeholders and changed boc, border, and text colors.

  • 3.20.2024: Replaced the placeholder gif in the marquee with a few buttons and made a few minor layout changes.

  • 3.17.2024: Finally separated the CSS from the rest of the code. Tried messing around with CSS to check responsiveness, failed. Figured out the problem with some smaller issues and fixed them, then caused more and gave up because it was getting late.

  • 3.10.2024: Did a few small things like testing out formatting and adding functional image links.

  • 3.9.2024: Finally found template I liked enough to start working and learning html with.